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Illustration of a community of diverse people

The CUaxis Story

A credit union’s purpose is to bring cooperation to its community and form a common bond. It creates an everlasting connection with those it serves.

Imagine what we could do if we bridged the gap between institutions and brought all our unique gifts together for everyone’s success. That’s what CUaxis is all about – enhancing our connections and making them our central focus through a common core solution. Because at the very core of our movement, our values of cooperation and people helping people matter most.

In this place, core services, payments, loans and investments, technology and knowledge stand side by side. Professionals with years of experience lend a helping hand. There’s a never-ending outpouring of encouragement and inspiration to keep credit unions moving forward.

Our goal is to make credit union bonds stronger and harness the power of our values to take our movement to incredible heights. Let’s work together, share together and bring collaboration center stage…together.

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