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Explore Solutions for Your Credit Union.

You know why CUaxis got its name? Because it’s a haven of cooperation in the center of the credit union movement.

From this central point, all organizations have access to a number of resources – CU*Answers, MY CU Services, Vizo Financial and other credit unions. And from this community of resources, you can find all the products and services you want and need to keep your credit union on the cutting edge of core, and then some!

So pick what you want, like and need. Pass on the things you don’t. Be a part of the cooperative buying process with fellow credit unions for pricing that benefits the group as a whole.

In addition to core solutions, you can find even more products and services in our very own community, where credit union collaboration is celebrated in everything from the abundance of solutions to collective buying power. No need to travel here, there and everywhere to find offerings to suit your members’ needs when they’re accessible and ready to share within the CUaxis community.

CUaxis gives your credit union access to all things core, with the added bonus of these products and services…

Core Processing

All credit unions would agree…a good core processing system is incredibly important. In fact, it’s integral to your daily operations. The CUaxis community understands this, giving credit unions access to a core solution that is modern, efficient and flexible to meet your processing needs. Discover our core processing services and see how the CUaxis solution can be a game-changer for your institution. Learn More >

Money Management

Investments, liquidity and lending…oh my! Actually, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the money management services offered through CUaxis. These things not only complement your core processing operations, but they also impact it. With that in mind, the CUaxis community money management solutions come with expertise and support to help make sure your financial wellbeing is fully intact. Learn More >


Like core, payments are a keystone of credit union and CUaxis services alike. Not to name drop or anything, but our community of providers have solutions for some of the biggest trends in payments, which play a direct role in your core processing operations as well as member satisfaction. Whatever your payment needs, CUaxis has a whole host of services to help meet them. Learn More >

People Development

A strong core solution and member-facing services are always important, but so are the internal workings of your credit union. That’s where people development comes in. Taking the time to focus on employees and nurturing their professional growth is not something to overlook, and the CUaxis community is here to help make sure it stays a priority. Learn More >

Risk Management

A credit union is a financial business, not a risky business. When it comes to handling risk, it helps to have partners with knowledge, resources and solutions that can help you combat threats. And those partners are right here in the CUaxis community. From information security to business continuity solutions (and a whole lot in between), we want to help make your credit union and core operations as secure as possible. Learn More >


The world of technology moves so quickly, it can make your head spin. But technology is a huge piece of credit union core processing and other integral tasks. It’s in everything we do, so it’s beneficial to have experts who know technology inside and out. That’s what you’ll find here at CUaxis – an entire team devoted to your technology needs and a suite of services to keep your technology running smoothly. Learn More >