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Money Management Solutions

The term “financial institution” isn’t just about what we do…it’s who we are and it’s how we maintain our own finances. On the back-end, money management is critical and CUaxis has the solutions to keep your finances in tip-top shape. Check them all out:

Asset Liability Management

Simple balance sheet management is a thing of the past. Today credit unions must continuously monitor and manage the risk to ever more complex balance sheets. Regulatory requirements continue to focus on preparing adequate assumptions, what if scenarios and risk mitigation analysis. Learn More: Asset Liability Management >


Through Vizo Financial, CUaxis offers an effective, affordable CECL solution to credit unions to help your institution comply with these new standards. Our CECL solution, powered by ARCSys™, will provide assistance for collecting the necessary data and producing the calculations necessary to comply with CECL. Learn More: CECL >


Gain access to investment services that can help keep your credit union running smoothly.Programs include brokered investments, fixed-rate certificates, investment accounting, and more! Learn More: Investments >

Lending Services

Simplify lending through partnerships that can help to increase your credit union's loan offerings and make servicing those loans a breeze. Learn More: Lending Services >

Liquidity Services

CUaxis provides liquidity solutions for credit unions, including lines of credit and loan participations, through partnership with Vizo Financial. Learn More: Liquidity Services >

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