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Why CUaxis?

You know what’s so great about our movement? We all have the same last name…credit union. That means we’re all members of the same community, one where we can support and uplift each other through core collaboration.

That’s what our founding fathers, the leaders of our movement, the trailblazers of credit unions – Filene, Desjardin, Bergengren – intended for credit unions after all. CUaxis is a way to help you connect with your fellow CUs more easily over a common core solution.

If we focus on this idea that coming together will benefit us all, we will go far as a movement. Now doesn’t that sound like something you want to be a part of?

All the reasons your credit union should join the CUaxis community lie just ahead…

Focus on what matters.

We handle the back-end so you can focus on your members. Here, you have all the resources you want in one place. That means you can spend less time searching for the essentials you need for your business, while making your members the number one priority.

Only the essentials.

Bundle services that you need, never pay for those you don’t. Listen, we’re not here to sell you on every product from our community of providers. We’re just here to be your one-stop-shop for your core needs and more, whenever you need it.

Buddy up for discounts.

Get great prices on services through collective buying. When credit unions work together, a certain power emerges. By harnessing the needs of many, credit unions have access to collective buying power through CUaxis. And the potential for lower prices means more money for your bottom line…and your bottom line…for everybody’s bottom line!

More than just services.

Education, expertise, services and support culminate in the ultimate credit union experience. As we continue to move forward and tackle new core technologies and trends, there is no better place to be than in the comfort of helping hands. That’s what CUaxis is – a place to go where you’ll find all these things, so we can learn, grow and prosper together.

Drive the movement.

Make our credit union forefathers proud, live the principles that built our movement. Credit unions were founded on cooperation, people helping people, working together for a common goal, giving everyone a say. CUaxis unites us in a community where all these things pave the way for the betterment of credit unions, starting with core.

A new way of thinking.

Forget the separation between credit unions, corporates and CUSOs. We want to assist your credit union, not just as a vendor, but as a community of partners, friends and resources. Let’s put our past roles behind us and move forward together.

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