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Be part of the CUaxis credit union community.

CUaxis is where our credit union community of core users comes together to do great things.

Educating one another, having open discussions with one another, celebrating the good that we all do for our members and communities – these are the things that make collaboration possible in this extraordinary core community. When we share our insights, expertise and good intentions with our fellow credit unions, we build the foundation for valuable relationships.

So feel free to explore the many resources CUaxis has available to unite our CU community and enhance our collective core experience…because it’s here that the communication and cooperation we need to succeed as a movement comes to fruition.

Training Videos

Teller Techniques

Time to complete: 60 minutes

Opening and Closing Memberships / Accounts

Time to complete: 30 minutes

Member Inquiry / Phone Operator

Time to complete: 60 minutes

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Latest Blog Posts

News and Alert Emails

Q&A: How Do I Sign Up my Staff to Receive Client News and Alert Emails?

Do you have new or existing employees who would like to begin receiving communications from CU*Answers? Here is a helpful guide to the emails that CU*Answers regularly sends out.

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Quick Tips for Managing Your Data Warehouse

Quick Tips for Managing Your Data Warehouse

We’ve collected questions that have come across the Asterisk Intelligence desk and have put together a series of tips for your organization to manage your Asterisk Intelligence Data Warehouse (DW). Ongoing attention to data quality and established procedures can help avoid a messy or frustrating database down the road.

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Have You Taken Advantage of the New Scorecard Service Levels?

Scorecards offer enhanced insights into specific areas of operations, such as your credit card portfolio, call center activity and loan portfolio – each affordably packaged into easily consumable formats and packed full of operational insights.

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Trending Discussion Topics

Social Media

Do you follow CUaxis on social media?

Did you know that CUaxis is active on both Twitter and LinkedIn? It’s true! Each week, we post important news, updates, tips and fun items about CUaxis and our entire core community. Do you follow us on social media? If so, what do you like to see us post about? If not, what’s keeping you?!

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What does collaboration in the CUaxis community mean to you? How are you seeing the benefits to your credit union?

Credit unions were built on collaboration and cooperation, and that’s a value we really wanted to highlight in the CUaxis community. After all, who would want to help each other more than credit unions utilizing a common core solution? As part of the CUaxis community, how have you seen collaboration at work and how has it benefited your institution?

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What are your expectations from the CUaxis community?

Did you know about CU*Answers’ monthly training sessions? Have you ever attended?

Our core processing partner, CUAnswers, hosts in-depth training sessions each month on a variety of core-related topics. Were you aware of these sessions, or have you ever attended? What did you enjoy about the sessions and what resources have you found to be most helpful in your CUBASE training?

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