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Payment Solutions

Ca-ching, ca-ching! Payment solutions abound in the CUaxis community. Our providers have tons of payment options for members in the modern world, and we would love to see your credit union include them as part of your offerings. See what’s available here…

AFS Fraud Solutions

Manual fraud detection of your image capture items is a thing of the past. CUaxis, through MY CU Services' partnership with Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS), offers batch detection services for credit unions that utilize MY CU Services' image capture solutions. Learn More: AFS Fraud Solutions >

ACH Audits

ACH Audit Services give your credit union access to certified staff, who will take a look at your ACH information to determine compliance with Nacha Rules. In the end, you’ll receive a detailed audit report that meets Nacha and NCUA requirements. Learn More: ACH Audits >

ACH Receipt & Returns

ACH Receipt & Returns streamlines the way your credit union receives ACH files. It does not require you to load or maintain software at your credit union. Your credit union has the power to determine whether you wish to process multiple ACH files from the Federal Reserve throughout the day, or combine the various presentments into one file for posting in your host system. In addition, your credit union can also choose to have your vendor pick up files via secure SFTP. Learn More: ACH Receipt & Returns >

ACH Originations

CUaxis gives you access to ACH origination functions through MY CU Services' online platform. The originations system allows your credit union to set up one-time and/or recurring ACH transactions. All standard ACH formats are supported. MY CU Services handles all software upgrades, including Nacha Rules-related updates to assist with your credit union’s compliance to the ACH rules. Learn More: ACH Originations >

ACH for Business

Client Access through our ACH Originations solution enables business members to access and maintain their own originations. ACH originations are a great payment tool for businesses to utilize. How so? Well, it’s an electronic, contactless form of payment with quick, consistent and secure processing through the Federal Reserve. Learn More: ACH for Business >

Cash Services

The cash services program allows credit unions to order cash from various vault locations across the country, make coin and currency deposits and order special U.S. mint coins. Learn More: Cash Services >

Domestic & International Wires

Your credit union can transfer funds, on behalf of your members, to any financial institution capable of receiving funds. Credit unions can also wire funds to other institutions to complete purchases, such as investments. Funds sent via international wire can be sent in U.S. dollars or foreign currency.Learn More: Domestic & International Wires >

Electronic Bill Payment

Through MY CU Services, CUaxis can connect you with an electronic bill payment program that offers simple and seamless service for you and your members, modern payment solutions and a product that will keep your institution top of mind.Learn More: Electronic Bill Payment >


Create member statements/notices and tax notices that are unique and cost-effective. E-statements can not only transform the way your members view your credit union, but they can also change how you do business. Learn More: E-Statements >

Foreign Collections

The Foreign Collections program lets your credit union compete with bigger banks by allowing your members to deposit foreign checks with your credit union as opposed to going to a bank. Learn More: Foreign Collections >

Foreign Currency Services

The foreign currency referral program gives credit unions access to an online currency portal. There’s even an option to add a link to the credit union’s website and/or mobile app where members can order foreign currency for themselves! Learn More: Foreign Currency Services >

Image Capture Solutions

The Image Capture program allows your credit union to send your share draft deposits to MY CU Services as an electronic file for processing. There are multiple remote image capture programs available, including ATM/ITM Capture, Branch Capture, Merchant Capture, Mobile Capture and Teller Capture. Learn More: Image Capture Solutions >

Money Orders

The Money Order program is handled just like any other money order. The credit union’s tellers issue money orders to their members, and the money orders are processed through your settlement account. Credit unions remit money order transactions daily to CUaxis' partner, MY CU Services. Learn More: Money Orders >

Official Checks

Whether your credit union wants to be fully involved in the day-to-day back-office work for official checks or you prefer us to take the reins, we'll help you find the right official check program to fit your credit union's needs. Learn More: Official Checks >

Share Draft Processing

The Member Share Draft Processing program offers straightforward, competitive processing fees, with no hidden costs and no compensation balance requirements. Learn More: Share Draft Processing >

Western Union Quick Cash

The Quick Cash service through Western Union allows credit unions to transfer funds to Western Union locations anywhere in the U.S. on behalf of their members. Learn More: Western Union Quick Cash >

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